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The Alien Fever Science Fiction Band consists of some of the best musicians in San Diego and performs all over Southern California for weddings, parties, receptions, conventions, concerts, corporate events, company parties, and of course, Alien Invasions.

Up to 7 aliens playing recognizable science fiction theme music and original weird alien sounds. Weird clothes and faces. Unusual instruments. Outgoing and bizarre. Perfect for ambience and dance. They also play recognizable dance music when people are ready to let their antennaes up and party!

Ook on Atomic Guitar from Mirfak
Spon on Astral Drums from Regulus
Say-brah on Steel Drum from Orion
Rahn on Dream Boards from Antares
Veernon on Theremin from Epsilon
A-Dreeun on Space Horns from Endor
Yawo on Ya-Wak from Io




StarTrek Movie1
StarTrek Movie2
StarTrek Movie3
StarTrek Movie4
Star Trek - The Next Generation
Star Trek - Deep Space Nine
Star Trek - Voyager
StarTrek 1st contact
StarTrek Original Theme
Cantina Theme
Darth Vader
Empire Strikes Back
Ewok Parade
Final Ceremony
Imperial March
Star Wars Medley
Starwars Anthem
Starwars Theme
Yavin Battle

Misc. Themes

Other Music

Back to the Future
Close Encounters
Dr. Wu
Men In Black
Mortal Kombat
MR Robot
MST 3000
Outer Limits
Original Space Music
Space Above & Beyond
Space Adventure
Space Quest
The Last Starfighter
X-Files Theme

Original Space Music
Rock & Roll
Many Other Styles

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