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My Naughty Sweeties Jug Band consists of some of the best musicians in San Diego and performs all over Southern California for weddings, parties, receptions, conventions, concerts, corporate events, company parties.

Jug band
(As excerpted from

A jug band or spasm band is a band employing traditional and homemade instruments, such as rhythm guitar, washtub bass, washboard, jug, mandolin, and kazoo.

Instruments were often improvised, with guitar & mandolins being made from the necks of discarded guitars fastened to large gourds. The gourds were flattened on one side, with a sound-hole cut into the flat side, before drying. Banjos were sometimes made

It has been said that "The history of jug bands is the story of the birth of the blues". W.C. Handy said that he learned blues style from street musicians, playing improvised instruments. The informal and energetic music of the jug bands also contributed to the development of rock and roll.

My Naughty Sweeties utilizes: Jugs, Gut-bucket or Washtub Bass, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Washboard, Kazoo, Nose-flute, Saw, Fiddle, Clarinet, Crickets, Frogs and other sundry musical innovations.

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