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Have you ever thought about renting your own sound system and saving yourself some money? Probably not. If you can hire a professional DJ for under $1,300.00 for a five hour wedding reception, you're getting a deal! Some may charge $1,500+, others as low as $600. There usually is a reason for the price difference, be cautious. If you were to go out and rent a $5,000.00 professional sound system, and assuming you have a wide range of digital music, 1000-2500, (another $5,000.00?) you'd still have the problem of getting everything to the reception or party site and set up correctly and on time. Then the music would have to be selected and mixed, announcements made etc. The next day someone would have to return the equipment back to the music store. Sounds like a big hassle, . . . easier to hire a Professional Mobile DJ.

Disc Jockey prices for the San Diego Area are based on several factors

Type of event

Wedding, corporate, private. Weddings often require the most preplanning and pre-event work while private parties usually require the least, prices vary accordingly.

Date of event

Seasonal demand will affect the price for the event. The day of the week also plays a role in determining a bid price for a particular event, a Saturday event is often priced the highest. Will there be extra traffic if your wedding / party date is a holiday


The distance or difficulty of reaching the event location and the loading access time will sometimes require an added fee. A 35 mile radius from San Diego, California is considered A DJ's "local area, standard price." A party on the second floor without an elevator will cost more.

Experience level of the DJ

As with most other services, the vendors with the most experience or expertise and professionalism will charge higher rates. A "cheap" price usually means a resulting cheap service, . . . be careful. Also, a high price does NOT mean an excellent service either. It is, however, almost impossible to hire a professional at "budget" price.

Quality equipment - variety of music

This is perhaps the most tangible aspect of a mobile disc jockey service that the customer will experience first hand. The sound quality and wide music selection is a factor that will raise the overall cost of a DJ service in the form of overhead, (premium sound equipment and thousands of songs are expensive, -some services cut corners here). The best equipment and an expansive music library gives the most value to the client and guests, (that's what you're paying for, clean sounding music that YOU like).


All other considerations being equal, the personality or "style" of the Disc Jockey is often the deciding factor to choose one DJ versus another. This "style" will show itself when you first meet with the DJ, and then again at your event in the way he/she makes announcements as your emcee, and also in the variety of music and how the DJ interacts with your guests, especially during the dance-set.


Remember that the DJ you hire will represent YOU during your event. It's important to choose carefully. Find a DJ who enjoys the work and has fun and most importantly inspires fun in a friendly and enjoyable manner so that everyone has a good time. There are a lot of excellent Mobile Disc Jockeys in the San Diego Area, but you'll need to meet with a few to find the one who best serves your needs, budget and style.

One last tip to remember about prices, sometimes the difference between a mediocre and a great disc jockey is only $100-$200 higher or

sometimes LOWER, and a few "web-clicks" or phone calls away.